Farmers market in Santa Teresa/Centro

A bit hungover from the day before (we found a club with free beer!) we set out to make something of the day a short moment after lunchtime. Linn remembered that our airbnb host had written about a farmers market right outside our building that was held on saturdays. It only took us a few moments to find it on Rua Tadeau Kosciusco and continuing on to Rua Carlos Sampaio.


The market was, as is most things here in Rio, full of people! There was an amazing selection of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, everything seemingly very fresh, although one wonders how long the meat stays that way in the heat!


Just walking up and down the market was a great experience, all the vendors approach you with free samples. If you look a bit confused and point at a fruit you can be sure that someone will be there soon to cut a piece to serve you, hoping that you will buy something.


We bought some strange fruits that were really delicious, and a too large bag of strawberries, owing to our lacking portuguese skills, we wanted the strawberries, but not that many!

One thought on “Farmers market in Santa Teresa/Centro

  • 27 October, 2015 at 21:48

    Jon du brukar ju tycka att man kan äta allt som säljs längs gatorna. Hoppas era magar mår bra


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