Cristo Redentor

It’s warm but not so sunny here the last couple of days (Jon edit: the last week) so we decided to visit one of the seven wonders. The only problem was that Jon is a little afraid of heights and the statue is 700m above the sea. After a deliberation with himself we took the bus to the wonder.

After one hour of waiting for the train to the top, spent at Bob’s burger, we could finally get on and begin our trip up to Cristo.

IMG_4525trin Jon was a little quiet on the way (he told me later that he was thinking about the best way to escape if the train would break).


An amazing view from the top. This was great because you would not get your money back if you got up there and didn’t see a thing. We where more than satisfied with this view.


And here we go. No selfie-stick needed.

After a while we had around 1000 pictures of the statue, the view and a little souvenir. Jon had noticed that the train was made in Switzerland and was a bit calmer.


I was a bit skeptical to go (overrated and something like Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower) but it was more than worth €10. So if you go to Rio this is in fact a “must-see”.

The same evening we had one of our best meals so far. A sushi place in the neighborhood but more about that later. (Yes, we took the camera but left the memory card in the computer).

One thought on “Cristo Redentor

  • 1 November, 2015 at 17:37

    Det kanske är bra Jon att du är lite höjdrädd. Det havhåller dig från att göra olika farliga bestigningar.
    Varför skriver ni på engelska förresten?


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