Restaurant: Talento do Trigo

Today we went out on yet another search for lunch, the target was a good comida a quilo, a buffet which charges by the kilo. Some quick searches on the web let us know that a place called Talento do Trigo is located just four blocks away from where we stay. The restaurant is at Rua do Ubaldino do Amaral 92. It also has good reviews on some obscure Brazilian website!

So, what was it like?


This picture which sadly isnt as sharp as the food it depicts, shows one third of the buffet. You find anything from feta cheese salad to an assortment of cakes to sushi. And dont forget the churrasco, the barbecue! Our journey through the buffet started with one plate each of sushi, the size of a large appetizier, this cost us about €2 each. The sushi was good, but it is still buffet-sushi.

Our second plate was more intense, mine consisted mostly of different kinds of potato and some rocket salad. Then I went up to the guy manning the grills, he brought forward different meat skewers and asked me things in Portuguese. I stood there looking stupid. We finally agreed that filet mignon is a good choice. He removed some from the skewer, cut it into smaller pieces, fried it with some garlic and laid it on my plate.


The whole buffet felt very fresh and the different things were cooked well. The fact that you easily can get three courses out of the buffet and all will be very tasty is another positive thing.

The food was very good. The meat especially! We were very happy finally finding a good buffet here in Rio de Janeio. The lunch totaled €13 for two persons including a can of coke each, not bad considering the extraordinary quality.

One thought on “Restaurant: Talento do Trigo

  • 29 October, 2015 at 09:42

    Jag sitter här och känner snålvattnet rinna till. Det lät som en bra lunch för två, inkluderande lite filé mignon och coca cola, för samma pris som på IKEA. 🙂


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