Lazy beach day


Great (lazy) day on Ipanema today.


We rented two beach chairs and bought some drinks of a vendor. You will find a number of them on the beach selling everything you need (and things you don’t need).


A vendor selling bikinis from a lager collection than I’ve seen in Sweden for 6€. Score. And I didn’t need to move from my chair.
In retrospective we should have bought some sunblock (we have three excellent from ACO that we left in the apartment). I feel a bit sorry for Jon this evening.


To cheer him up we went to the excellent sushi place once again. 48 pieces later we ended this good lazy day.

One thought on “Lazy beach day

  • 30 October, 2015 at 13:00

    ….min första tanke när jag såg rubriken – undrar just om Jon smorde in sig. Tur att det hjälper med Sushi mot solbränna!


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