Restaurant: Lapamaki

We read that Brazil is supposed to have a lot of good sushi restaurants, and after a day in the sun on Ipanema which left Linn a little red here and there and me red as a stoplight we thought that we deserved some really good sushi.

We were gonna post something about Lapamaki on Rua Riachuelo 67 a few days ago, but forgot the memory card in the computer. Today we brought both camera and memory card! Lapamaki is a very popular place because of its great sushi and not too bloody prices, but it is easy to book a table online at their website, which we did.

After spending some time convincing our waiter that we wanted to have some salmon with teriyaki sauce as a first course and then a large combo as a main course we felt happy to soon receive a real treat!


Sooner rather than later we were served a small plate with two tuna tartars. Hmm, did we order the wrong thing? No! “On the house” was the comment from the chef! These were delicious, but raises the question how we are supposed to finish the rest of our order…


After the small appetizer arrives our first course, salmon lightly roasted with a propane torch, topped with some spring onion and sesame seeds and served in a dab of teriyaki sauce. It is as tasty as it is beautiful! The price for this course was about €7




Okay, so we are 6 rather large sushi-pieces in to the meal each. And then this boat, or maybe cruiser, of sushi arrives. 36 pieces of assorted sushi, from the roasted salmon skin in the corner to the tuna and salmon sashimi in the other end.

This part of the meal was as excellent as the ones before, and the best thing about it is that it never seems to end, and this is the smallest of their combos! Linn gave up after a while, but I managed to cover for her and we left no piece behind. The price of the combo is about €16.

All in all, Lapamaki is a place to recommend, the food is great and the prices are on par with what you get as far as we are concerned. Be sure to book a table in advance!

2 thoughts on “Restaurant: Lapamaki

  • 1 November, 2015 at 17:27

    Sushin ser fantastisk ut. Både gott och nyttigt. Det verkar vara billigt också, härligt


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