We had a great night out with some new friends from the hostel. They talked both Portuguese and English and we where able to fully understand the menu and what people where asking us. Maybe a little too many beers and some shot of Cachaca later we went back to the hostel. We were a bit hungover this morning but it could be worse. The hostel is great and lots of nice people hanging around all the time.

This is our last full day in Rio for a couple of months and we decided to take a Favela tour and save the sugar loaf until later because it was a bit rainy.


On the tour we visited a school that the tour guide is a big sponsor of and most of the money we paid him for doing the tour, he is donating to them.


We visited the biggest favela, Rocinha.


We went a bit up in the favela and it was maybe the best view Rio has offered us so far.

IMG_4628utsiktfavela After a shopping stop and like 100 pics of this view and some history about the favelas, we went back to our hostel. We can really recommend the favela tour of www.favelatour.com.br at €18

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  • 5 November, 2015 at 14:05

    Det ser ju inte så illa ut som man skulle kunna tro, kul att ha sett. Undrar hur skolan jämförde sig med Äppelviksskolan?


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