One day early we left Ilha Grande because of the weather. My mood was not the best on Saturday night after the electricity had disappeared. And we couldn’t watch more episodes of Criminal minds. Jon was doing the best of the situation – talking to the other guest at the hostel, I was most angry at the rain and hung out with the hostels kittens.

On the ferry back to Angra dos Reis we met three others with the same mindset – leaving as soon as possible. As you read before we took the local bus to Paraty. We followed the people from the ferry to check their hostel and it was both cheap and clean. Before we arrived our plan was to stay one night on our way to Sao Paulo, but in order to explore more of the little city we decided to stay another night.


Said and done – we took a Jeep-tour to see more of Paraty, some waterfalls and how to make Cachaca.


A natural water slide in the rain was awesome.





Rain again after lunch but we had a great day in Paraty. In the evening we had planned for go back to the great restaurant that served Turkish food but we meet the London guys from the hostel at the bus stop and went with them to another great restaurant.


This was our 72 hours in the city and we took the morning bus a little bit hung over to Sao Paulo. And here we are now.

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