Itaipu Binacional

After visiting the falls and the bird park there is not much more to do in Foz do Iguacu, except for the Itaipu dam. Until two years ago this was the worlds biggest hydroelectric plant considering the power it collects. Now the Chinese have a bigger one.

We chose to take a day to visit this plant and take one of the tours offered. Some quick research let us know that the “Panoramic Tour” is the best value for your money and also the one that contains everything necessary.

To get there we took bus 102 from the TTU terminal (101 is also supposed to take the same route), and after 25 minutes we arrived at the visitors center. The tickets are something like €6 and includes a short movie letting us know how amazing the plant is!


The bus that the panoramic tour consists of takes a tour with three stops, the first one is this view above of the flood ramps, they open these to let out excess water from the reservoir, at full speed they let through more that 40 times the water of the falls. We were apparently lucky to see this, as they only open them 10% of the year.

An interesting fact is that the dam is owned by both Brazil and Paraguay, and the land it sits on is more or less both Brazilian and Paraguayan. It produces 80% of the electricity used in Paraguay and 20% of the Brazilian consumption.


The above picture shows the dam as the huge 70s concrete structure is it, it reminds of something one might find in Ukraine, build before the fall of Soviet. Gigantic, concrete and functional but not too beautiful. It is an amazing structure, and the trip is well worth it if you have the time while here, and the guides on the Brazilian side speak Portuguese, Spanish and English!

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