Iguazu falls – Argentinean side

We visited the Brazilian side of the falls and were amazed by the size, the power and the beauty of these waterfalls. We also thought that we were very close to the actual falls when standing on a platform on the edge of one of them. But the main opinion seems to be that the Brazilian side gives a good overview, but to really get face to face with the waterfalls you have to go to the Argentinean side.

And here we are!

We tried to get a day with good and clear weather to visit the falls, the sun was out and we took the bus that for some reason is half the distance and twice the price, €7 for a return ticket, to that of the bus to Ciudad del Este. When we arrived at the falls and had just paid the entrance the skies opened up.

Ususally when it is raining it is either very many small drops, or few very large ones. Here there were very many large drops of rain, the amount of rain bordering on being ridiculous. We got seats in the middle of the small train that takes you around the park, as it has no side doors it was the only place that was not completely wet. Who knows, the rain might stop before we have to get off the train. It did not. It increased.

We did not travel here to not see the waterfalls, so we began walking towards Garganta del Diablo – the devils throat. Unsure about whether it is worth it to get completely soaked we got closer.

When we finally arrived at the end of the trail we were completely amazed! This waterfall is huge, and we are more or less inside it! We stood there in the pouring rain for a good while just enjoying the sheer power of massive amounts of water thrusting down creating a cloud of “water smoke”.


When we were happy with viewing the devils throat we went back to the small train, bought a sandwich in the store, and traveled back towards the station that connects to the upper and lower trail.

It was not too pleasant to be a bit dry and yet again walk out in the rain, but as soon as we saw the first glimpse of the falls again we forgot everything about being wet, cold, tired. The only thing on our mind were amazement.



It is no joke that you get close and comfy with the falls on the Argentinean side. The following picture was as chaotic as it looks, the wind created by the water tumbling down actually displaced my contact lens so badly it only emerged from under my eyelid minutes later.


Even though it was raining this was an amazing experience. I think that viewing the Brazilian side first was a good way to do this experience, get the great views and then get close to see how big they really are.

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