After Cabo Polonio we rushed our way to Montevideo to meet up Linns friend Emilia who joined us for two weeks. Finding each other has gotten both cheaper and easier with apps like whatsapp and messenger, I think we used the latter to give a meeting point when we both arrived at the Montevideo Tres Cruces bus terminal.

We spent most of our time in Montevideo eating amazing cuts of beef in different restaurants. We also hung out on the beach some days. Many things are to be said about Montevideo and its beaches. We spent some days on Playa Pocitos which was in close vicinity to the apartment we found on airbnb. The beach itself is rather nice, but the water does not give a feeling of being too clean. This is mostly because you are not really swimming in the sea, but rather in the river caller “Rio de la Plata”. The river has with it some of the pollution from Buenos Aires, but mainly red sediment that makes the water look brown. It is no problem to bathe and swim in the water, but if we were ever to go to the beach in Uruguay again, Punta del Este is much more preferred.


At least the dirty water did not stop us from playing on the beach!

IMG_3622_webA usual sight in front of us in the evenings in Montevideo, a standard size of a portion of beef seems to be 400g, at least! At first we had some misunderstandings about how we wanted the meat cooked. The term¬†“Rojo, media rojo”¬†seemed to be the one that works best in conveying that we want it red in the middle, but still be cooked and not just flipped on the grill.

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