La Recoleta Cemetary

One of the things that is often noted as a must do in Buenos Aires is to see the La Recoleta cemetary, where Evita Peron lies buried. When we got there we realized that it is not a regular graveyard with small to medium sized stones as markers for the graves, it is more or less ornamented mausoleums, the smaller the size of a cottage ranging to ones the size of a smaller house and the looks of a castle.


Happy tourists ready to explore the cemetery. When walking around it feels very much like walking around in a village of small houses. Some graves are very well looked after and are cleaned and with fresh flowers, others are left to the elements and in different stages of decay.


Like a row of miniature churches, very beautiful!


The tomb of Evita Peron, the most popular feat of the cemetery, getting a picture like above was very hard because of all the people standing around with guides telling them the history of Evita. The tomb is always lavished with fresh flowers.

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