Tango at La Catedral

Another thing Buenos Aires is know for, and which it is recommended to not leave without experiencing is of course the Tango. Emilia who was traveling with us for two weeks found a place called La Catedral, an old grain silo built in the 1880s, in the middle of urban Buenos Aires.

This place is absolutely amazing, it has a feeling to it that reminds me of Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, the main difference is that this is a dance hall. Apart from all the paintings that fill the walls there is also a huge sculpture of a hears suspended from the roof 12 meters above the bar.


The large hall is lined with chairs and tables that are more or less beyond repair, but not for lack of trying, the furniture fits right in and is repaired here and there. The light is dim everywhere but on the dance floor in the middle.


We spent two nights at La Catedral, the first night we checked out the place, had some drinks and watched Tango dancers of varying talent. Some just beginning to learn, some teaching and some just really good. The second night we arrived to take a tango course, the entry fee is usually €3, and with the course included it is €5. Well worth the money!

Before our course started (a lot later than advertised, we are in Argentina mind you!), we got the opportunity to watch a show including an amazing violinist with his band, and a sort of step dancer that did something in the middle between poi, step and percussion drumming. Very unique and very fun to watch!

Finally we had our elementary course of tango, we learned some basic steps, got to try them with a partner. The tip here is to bring a partner, so you dont end up as the poor guy who I removed with GIMP from the following picture. In the end we were also forced to show our steps in front of everyone else, even though Linn tried to oppose this we ended up doing some basic steps and getting an applause!


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