Food poisoning!

Whenever I eat I do not care much for the circumstances in which my food is prepared, I have eaten sweet cookies from a street vendor in some small village in India. Meat that was very well cooked because it was probably a bit too old to be served in Bangkok. On this trip we have eaten most anything we could get our hands on, some things good, some not as good, but never did we ever get sick.

Until now.

The four of us went to have some dinner after our great tango experience. Tim and Emilia wanted to try the local Parilla, and a restaurant we found had a rather cheap version of it. It was recommended for three, so Linn was the only one who decided to have some chorizo instead. A wise choice in retrospect.


This is the only picture I have from the restaurant. I found it funny the lost part of onion made it look like a happy face. Now I just feel sick when I see it and it looks more like an evil grin.

The day after started with Emilia feeling a bit under the weather, and decided to stay in bed when we went to get some breakfast and see the Botanical garden. Tim had to take a taxi home after feeling a bit uneasy in the garden. By night it was my turn to cave in, by then I had held out many hours before the others went. After 24 hours we felt better, and after 48 we were good again. But there were moments where I questioned if I could go on.

The only one who was spared was Linn. Just writing about this now makes me uneasy, the annoying thing being that we could never have known that this place would poison us. It was probably some of all the different parts of meat on the grill that was bad before it was cooked, First in, First out in respect to food handling in a restaurant never looked as such an important thing before.

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