New year/Mar del Plata

The main question the last two weeks were “where to celebrate new year?”. We had some parameters to consider: beach vs city, the distance from Buenos Aires (Tim had a flight to catch on the 3rd of January) and the weather. After more or less endless discussion we decided on Mar del Plata.

Mar del Plata – on the one hand, a big tourist city (but a little cheaper than for example Punta del Este) on the other hand the water is blue and the city is big. Maybe we decided a little too late because most of the hostels were sold out. At the last moment we found one pretty close to the beach.

Still no plans for the big evening Jon talked to the owner of the family hostel. They were going to have a big dinner and watch fireworks at the beach. For a little amount of money for the food we were invited to join. A funny mix of people had a late dinner with lots of food.


Around 2am the dinner was finished and we decided to go to a bar/club. The place we first went to was closed so we took a cab to the beach for a beach party. A little disappointed because the beach party was 8 clubs located close to the beach we paid too much and went in. After one or maybe two hours of dancing we hit the beach to see the sunrise.


The first morning of 2016 and we were pretty happy with this view. And then we had only one mission left: find a cab home. And exactly as in Stockholm it was impossible. We walked all the way home in the morning and fell asleep around 8.30 am.


1st of January: sleeping, McDonald’s and more sleeping. And feet that hurts. Happy 2016 everyone.

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