Parque Metropolitano de Santiago

After arriving to Santiago and walking the two kilometers from the bus station to our hostel we felt that we wanted to do some more walking… Or rather not, but this day turned out to contain a long walk!

Santiago has a large park in the middle of the city called Parque Metropolitano that is not so much a park as a hill. We had read that there was a mountain railway that takes you up to the top of the hill, where there is a great view. And then it might be nice to walk down to experience more of the park.

We took the subway from our hostel to the stop called Los Leones which looked to be close to a parking and entrance to the park when looking on a map. When getting there we realized that the railway is in the other end of the park, and the only reasonable way to get to it is to walk there, and arrive at the top station. Said and, well, done. It took quite some time since the trail was broken in some parts, and other parts were very steep. Add to this a sun that shines like there is no tomorrow, and no wind since the hill blocks it. I tried to keep happy during the ascent and watch the scenery. Santiago is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, and watching this from a height really gives a perspective as to how big the mountains really are! Linn on the other hand got bad flashbacks from how tired and exhausted we both were after Los Gigantes.


At one point I sat down to get some rest and look at the view, Linn was some fifty meters behind me and didnt see that I stopped, so she continued walking. I thought that she might just want to get ahead a bit, so I didnt alert her, and I also could not see how anyone could miss me, but it seemed I was probably more hidden than I thought. The path split in two and Linn took the lower and I took the higher route, both unknowing of the others whereabouts. I looked at the map and realized that the paths arrived at the same place. Linn on the other hand wondered where I was and stopped and texted me. After a while I realized that she probably would have done something like this. Therefore I turned off flight mode and received her text, I replied and started walking to find her, and five minutes later we were not lost any more!


On the top of the mountain there is something that reminds a bit of Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, but here it is instead Virgin Mary who is the king of the hill.


After taking in all the views we took the train down from the hill, it was a nice ride and I am starting to get used to strange contraptions that lets you travel in the mountains.


One thought on “Parque Metropolitano de Santiago

  • 31 January, 2016 at 20:28

    Utsikten verkar ju helt ofattbar. Men jag förstår att det kan vara svårt att njuta av den om svetten rinner. Det var ju tur att ni hittade varandra igen. Det hade ju just varit snyggt om ni inte hade gjort det. Kram på er


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