La Serena

After Valparaiso we headed to La Serena, we found a bus company called Buses Romani and they offered a service that cost around €13 and took roughly seven hours. The ride was comfortable and the attendant on the bus tucked in all the passengers with both pillow and blanket.

In La Serena we wanted to both be able to see the town and go to the beach, this is why we booked two beds in the Hostal el Arbol hostel that was right in between. After getting off the bus we noticed that a pattern emerged, in Chile is is hard to find open WiFi networks. After walking around for more or less 30 minutes Linn succumbed and bought 20 MB of data on her phone and downloaded the description of how to get to the hostel. Even though we had this description we had a hard time getting there as it was located more or less out in nowhere.

At first we were a bit unhappy about the hostel as it was hard to find and didnt seem to be located close to anything. This feeling faded the longer we stayed, we went to the beach one day, it was just a 10 minute walk.

Another thing we found to be close to the hostel was the big Jumbo supermarket, this led us to spend quite some time at the hostel, enjoying to cook food ourselves, something we are missing from home.


As we didnt find any charcoal ligther fluid at the store our friendly hostel manager showed us how to light the coal by making a chimney of newspaper and dropping a match in the middle of it.


The skewers we made turned out great, and it was a lot of fun to cook ourselves for once!

Because we had such a great time at the hostel and also found some good restaurants around the city we ended up staying four days in La Serena, lots of them spent in the hostel just relaxing and enjoying the calm.


An interesting thing about staying in a hostel not inside the city, one of the local farmers were moving his herd of goats when we were heading to the beach!

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