During our stay in La Serena we heard that our next planned stop, Antofagasta, is not a nice place to visit. Nothing to do and hard to find hostels. And a quick look around the internet it seemed to be right. After a discussion we decided to stick to the plan. Antofagasta is one of the most important industry cities in Chile and a big port city.

Jon found a B&B pretty close to the beach. And it was hot during the days. The two days we were in the city we stayed on the beach. No sand at the beach and a bit chilly but still nice.


Jon forgot the sunblock and the result? The next day we spent in the mountains (in the shadows) and eating Chinese food that was good and very cheap!


You’ll notice pretty quick that you are in desert.


We are a little allergic to touristic tours and the last evening we were planning where to go next. The plan: San Pedro the Atacama. This city sounded very touristic to me. A place that exists just for people like us to do tours. Expensive and not worth it. But it was the best option for our coming events and a good place to adjust to the height (more about that later).

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