San Pedro de Atacama to Salar de Uyuni – Day 2

The night was a pleasure since the magical pill I got from our guide the day before. My head felt heavy but no headache. All six of us had a coca tea for breakfast just to be sure, and then some pancakes. And just before we begin, this day all pictures in this post are taken by Fran or with her camera (except the last one).


07.00 am it was time to get going to the first stop of the day, Árbol de Piedra.


Árbol de Piedra, or the rock tree, is a stone that has been shaped into looking like a tree by the wind blasting it with sand from the desert around it.


We had lunch at one of the lagoons (this one with some flamingos). I don’t remember what was special about this one (And yes, I was a little tired of all of the lagoons. Don’t misunderstand me, they were beautiful and they were uniquely placed in the landscape, but they may have been a few too many on the tour for my taste).


Our guide stopped the car and showed us a some a rabbit-like animal called Viscacha on our way to the hostel for the night. And we saw some llamas as well.


This was a day with lots of time in the car, and Jon told me later that we could have been at the hostel long before we actually arrived. Richard took a detour to show us the view!


Over all we are surprised by the quality of the food, before we went on the tour the agency we booked with said that there will just be some basic food so make sure to bring lots of snacks. We had pancakes for breakfast, some kind of protein at lunch and a three-course dinner, every day! And the last night we got a bottle of wine. (As did our driver…)

Before we went to bed we went to a small carnival near by (as did our driver…). It was some dancing, music and some fire in the rain. We went back to to go to bed and get some sleep after 30 minutes (but our driver didn’t…).

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