We arrived in Cusco late in the night and took a taxi to our hostel and fell asleep pretty fast. The next day we went out to explore the city. Happy to be down at just 3400 m above sea level and able to walk more than 10 m without stopping to catch our breath. Cusco was the Inca empires most important city and you will notice that they try to sell that picture to all people visit.


Cusco is like all other cities with a big tourist attraction nearby. It’s all about doing tours and in every corner you have someone offer you tours and massage or a restaurant. You can also find clothes made of alpaca wool pretty cheap.


We stayed here for two nights before we went to Machu Picchu and one night after coming back. Mostly we ate good food, did some shopping and went to a hostel party the night we came back (to meet our new Argentinian friends). If you are looking for a hostel in Cusco we can recommend VIP house, close to the plaza and cheap. Breakfast included and helpful staff.

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