La Paz revisited, Mi Teleférico and El Alto

After winning back part of our money from Vicuña Travel we had one more day to spend in La Paz before we were to continue back east towards Brazil. Some of the things we wanted to do was to buy some souvenirs from the market, and also ride the Teleférico again to get some more awesome views of the city before leaving it for this time.


The Teleférico is the newest idea in La Paz of how to efficiently transport people from El Alto up on the hill down to La Paz and back. It is more or less a regular ski lift system built by Austrian company Doppelmayr. We started our tour from the stop close to the bus terminal and rode two stops up to El Alto, yet again amazed by the views of the city that seems to never end.


Up in El Alto we started walking through the endless markets, slowly, as there was a lot to see, and at 4100 meters above sea level the air is severely thin. The market up in El Alto seemed to be more genuine than the one in La Paz, almost no tourists were seen, and most people were actually buying things because they needed it and not as souvenirs to remember their visit. I wanted to take a photograph of the ladies selling different religious things like llama fetuses and in-scents, but a friendly question “Puedo tomar una foto?” just resulted in a frown and two hands put up to block the shot. As i didnt want to get a curs cast upon me I put down the camera again.

After a while we arrived at the other stop for the Teleférico and rode it two stops down to La Paz again. Why does not every city have a cable car running through it? Riding it is completely quiet, the views are amazing and even though I am scared of heights, I could get used to riding these.


We went back to the market of La Paz to find those souvenirs before they shut down for the night. I sat down to catch my breath and when Linn approached I thought that maybe I should warn her about the puddle of something unspeakable. I decided not to as I am trying not to micro manage others. Big mistake, she put her foot in it and unleashed a stench that could have awakened the dead.

Our next missing was therefore to find a shoe store, something we did after a rather long and not too well planned walk. On our way back to the market we caught some great views of the city our last night here. And yes, we did have time to buy some souvenirs.


All in all La Paz is an amazing city. Super strange in many ways, but beautiful and always interesting!

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