Pantanal – Day 1

The agency picked us up at our hotel and drove us to the bus station. The man who helped us to book the tickets was a bit confused (first he showed up in the morning at the hotel because he forgot to take our names and lost his copy of the ticket and then he sent us into the bus but forgot to give us the very important envelopes we didn’t know that we were supposed to bring. But all turned out well and we were on our way.

The bus ride took almost two hours and then a Jeep picked us up to continue into the Pantanal. The first hour went well but then the car slowed down and the driver talked a lot to the guide. The problem? The road was all muddy. They decided to give it a try – and we got stuck.


After some meaningless attempts to push the car (yes we tried to help) out of the mud they sent us off to walk the last bit to the accommodation. Just one out of all us six persons was smart enough to bring flip-flops – it was a stony road after the muddy part.


When we finally got there it was time for dinner and we found both a Swedish guy and some Danish people who arrived the day before. We spent the rest of the evening to listening to their day (= what we were to expect) and teach the girls from Israel some Swedish. We should have done a night walk to see the animals but the weather was too bad and it was too many trucks on the roads.

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