Pantanal – Day 2

The day started early, or really it should have. Breakfast was at six o’clock and we should have started the first walk of the day at seven, but the rain was too heavy. We said goodbye to the group we talked to yesterday and waited for the rain to stop.

The night before we had gotten some advice that we should wear sneakers and long pants during the walk. A bit confused – our guide said shorts and flip-flops, the water we would be walking in was one meter deep. I decided to go with the advice of long pants and sneakers even if my shoes are made of leather and pretty new. Jon wore sneakers but combined them with short pants. The other in our group had shorts and walked barefoot like our guide.


We started walking and it was wet. We saw some birds and armadillos.


And a raccoon.


The problem with walking barefoot.

It was in all maybe a two and a half hours walk in water and in the woods. I was pretty happy with my choice of clothes. It was aggressive ants on the ground and lots of mosquitoes in the air. We had mosquito repellent but I’m not sure it worked. But long pants did. Not even one bite on my legs when we were finish. Jon was pretty badly bitten but the girl Hazel in our group took the prize.

In the afternoon it was time for another walk to see more animals. And yes we saw more birds and armadillos.


Jon and the guide saw a ocelot and according to him it was the best on the trip. I was too far behind to follow when they started to run and when I googled the animal later I was bit jealous. Lucky for me my best animal (after Morris, my cat) is the crocodile. No crocodile found but lots of caimans. They had a tame one who lived in the lake and when the guide called for him by name he came. The caiman did get part of a chicken to eat as a means of convincing him to come. This was great as we got to see one of the caimans up close. It was so many caimans everywhere so I was very happy.

In the evening we had the night walk. The guide showed us spiders and ants. When he turned the flashlight to the lake we saw lots of eyes Рthe eyes of the caimans. Right where we had walked during the day. No snakes were to be seen, but a dead horse in the bushes. When Jon asked our guide why no vultures where there he said that they would be soon.

Tired after a long day of walking we went to bed early to get a good nights sleep before fishing piranhas in the morning after.

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