Restaurant: Jack Fish

In La Serena we found a few good restaurants, and one great! The great one was called Jack Fish, or more precisely Cevicheria Jack Fish, Sushi and Rock.

The place is run by a rock enthusiast who also possess a great interest in Japanese cooking. The restaurant is small and seats just eight persons, or the double if the persons already know each other well. There is always rock music playing and the place is styled in red, white and black. All in all a very complete and well defined style that made us really like the place.


And the food, the food is super great! We actually visited Jack Fish two times during our stay in La Serena, but only brought the camera the second time. For this reason we only have pictures of the sushi, but the Ceviche was both beautiful to look at and tasted good when eaten.


The classic south american sushi with cream cheese, I think we are starting to like it!


If you go to La Serena and feel like you want to eat something great, go to Jack Fish, the food is great and the place is definitely unique!

Restaurant: Al Malek, Córdoba

Our first encounter with Arabian food on the trip was a great one, a small place called Istanbul in Paraty. After the experience there it was no wonder we chose to go to Al Malek in Cordoba.

Al Malek serves Lebanese food, so we started with some Hummus, Tabbouleh and pita bread. And while we were at it we ordered one Shawarma each.



After finishing part of the Tabbouleh and Hummus, along with four or so pita breads we were starting to get full. We felt a bit sad about not being able to eat infinite amounts, because everything tasted perfectly!

In comes the two portions of Shawarma, and they are generous.


After finishing a third of each dish we asked for a doggy bag, and tried to explain to the confused waiter that we loved the food, but were unable to eat it all.

The day after we served ourselves the doggy bag for lunch, it still tasted excellent.

Yet another day later the cravings returned, and we were to be seen at Al Malek yet again. This time however, we were a lot more reasonable in the amounts of food ordered, and we actually finished everything this time.

The next trip should probably be to somewhere in the middle east, just writing about this makes me wonder when I get to taste a good Hummus next time?

Sushi club

As all you know we both love food and the most of our budget is spent on food. To find the best food we use the app Foursquare. Maybe one of the better apps for finding what you looking for (Yelp and TripAdvisor are way behind).

One of the best sushi we’ve had since Rio is this one on Sushi club. A little bit fancy and expensive for a lunch but still worth a visit (or in our case two or maybe three).  Hehehe.


Salmon teriyaki.


A mix sushi.

Food poisoning!

Whenever I eat I do not care much for the circumstances in which my food is prepared, I have eaten sweet cookies from a street vendor in some small village in India. Meat that was very well cooked because it was probably a bit too old to be served in Bangkok. On this trip we have eaten most anything we could get our hands on, some things good, some not as good, but never did we ever get sick.

Until now.

The four of us went to have some dinner after our great tango experience. Tim and Emilia wanted to try the local Parilla, and a restaurant we found had a rather cheap version of it. It was recommended for three, so Linn was the only one who decided to have some chorizo instead. A wise choice in retrospect.


This is the only picture I have from the restaurant. I found it funny the lost part of onion made it look like a happy face. Now I just feel sick when I see it and it looks more like an evil grin.

The day after started with Emilia feeling a bit under the weather, and decided to stay in bed when we went to get some breakfast and see the Botanical garden. Tim had to take a taxi home after feeling a bit uneasy in the garden. By night it was my turn to cave in, by then I had held out many hours before the others went. After 24 hours we felt better, and after 48 we were good again. But there were moments where I questioned if I could go on.

The only one who was spared was Linn. Just writing about this now makes me uneasy, the annoying thing being that we could never have known that this place would poison us. It was probably some of all the different parts of meat on the grill that was bad before it was cooked, First in, First out in respect to food handling in a restaurant never looked as such an important thing before.

Mercado del Puerto

Montevideo and Uruguay is renowned for their free range beef. In the 1500s cattle was introduced from the neighboring countries and allowed to roam freely because the land was not too attractive to settle at that moment. The cattle prospered in the wild and were soon in the millions. Now meat is one of the most important industries of Uruguay, and it is all grass fed, without both antibiotics and growth hormone. The way it should be done.

In Montevideo in the port there is a place called Mercado del Puerto. It is a hall of different restaurants offering classic barbecue, called Parilla. Most of the restaurants offer more or less the same menu, at similar prices. We sat down at the third one we walked by, mainly because the waiter caught us with a glass of complementary sparkling wine.


When we came back to have dinner here at a later date, we found out that the only meal served at Mercado del Puerto is lunch, they close at 16:00. One restaurant that was halfway inside the building was open though, so we did not have to starve.


Christmas feeling

Suddenly it was everywhere in social media; first of advent. Inspired by that we decided to make saffron buns! We went to the supermercado in Foz do Iguacu. We first started to look for the most critical ingredient: saffron. We found something they called saffron but it really wasn’t, more like some kind of curry powder. We bought ingredients to make “chokladbollar” instead but ended up watching three episodes of Criminal Minds.

In the last minutes of our trip to Paraguay the day after, Jon spotted saffron in a pile of spices brought around by a walking salesman.


We spent quite some time finding fresh milk in the store, UHT is the standard here, and fresh milk only comes in plastic bags like the one to the far left in the picture.

But we found everything at last – Let’s make it.




The result was pretty good and the hostel staff liked it.

A very closed Centro

Our last day in Santa Teresa was last Sunday and we went out in the afternoon to get some Arabic food that we had read about earlier and to visit the museum CCBB. It was a bit empty in the streets but nothing that we thought of as much until we were hungry. The whole city seemed to be closed. No Arabic food for us and we had trouble to find something at all.

At last we found an open restaurant that served seafood. A bit pricey if you took a quick look at the menu but to save our or/and others life we decided to take a chance. A good one it turned out. The restaurant that we found was called Porto Novo and can be found here.

IMG_4606FJONFISK The interior was stylish and the staff was very friendly and helpful. After a little problem to order, due to the language we had a good fish called “peixe amorada” – “boyfriend fish” and lots of beers. You always get so much food when you order food here in Brazil. We shared a fish dish and the staff was like “if you’re hungry – don’t share”. It was an amazing fish but no way we’d eaten more than we did.


Happy and satisfied we went on to the museum. Frightened by the incredibly long lines to the house before we knew it was a special exhibition. We went to the other two exhibitions (one good and one about the history of Banco do Brazil and all their coins – all in Portuguese).

Later on we understood that the brazilian people had a long weekend off and that may have caused the long lines as well as everything being closed.

Restaurant: Lapamaki

We read that Brazil is supposed to have a lot of good sushi restaurants, and after a day in the sun on Ipanema which left Linn a little red here and there and me red as a stoplight we thought that we deserved some really good sushi.

We were gonna post something about Lapamaki on Rua Riachuelo 67 a few days ago, but forgot the memory card in the computer. Today we brought both camera and memory card! Lapamaki is a very popular place because of its great sushi and not too bloody prices, but it is easy to book a table online at their website, which we did.

After spending some time convincing our waiter that we wanted to have some salmon with teriyaki sauce as a first course and then a large combo as a main course we felt happy to soon receive a real treat!


Sooner rather than later we were served a small plate with two tuna tartars. Hmm, did we order the wrong thing? No! “On the house” was the comment from the chef! These were delicious, but raises the question how we are supposed to finish the rest of our order…


After the small appetizer arrives our first course, salmon lightly roasted with a propane torch, topped with some spring onion and sesame seeds and served in a dab of teriyaki sauce. It is as tasty as it is beautiful! The price for this course was about €7




Okay, so we are 6 rather large sushi-pieces in to the meal each. And then this boat, or maybe cruiser, of sushi arrives. 36 pieces of assorted sushi, from the roasted salmon skin in the corner to the tuna and salmon sashimi in the other end.

This part of the meal was as excellent as the ones before, and the best thing about it is that it never seems to end, and this is the smallest of their combos! Linn gave up after a while, but I managed to cover for her and we left no piece behind. The price of the combo is about €16.

All in all, Lapamaki is a place to recommend, the food is great and the prices are on par with what you get as far as we are concerned. Be sure to book a table in advance!

Restaurant: Talento do Trigo

Today we went out on yet another search for lunch, the target was a good comida a quilo, a buffet which charges by the kilo. Some quick searches on the web let us know that a place called Talento do Trigo is located just four blocks away from where we stay. The restaurant is at Rua do Ubaldino do Amaral 92. It also has good reviews on some obscure Brazilian website!

So, what was it like?


This picture which sadly isnt as sharp as the food it depicts, shows one third of the buffet. You find anything from feta cheese salad to an assortment of cakes to sushi. And dont forget the churrasco, the barbecue! Our journey through the buffet started with one plate each of sushi, the size of a large appetizier, this cost us about €2 each. The sushi was good, but it is still buffet-sushi.

Our second plate was more intense, mine consisted mostly of different kinds of potato and some rocket salad. Then I went up to the guy manning the grills, he brought forward different meat skewers and asked me things in Portuguese. I stood there looking stupid. We finally agreed that filet mignon is a good choice. He removed some from the skewer, cut it into smaller pieces, fried it with some garlic and laid it on my plate.


The whole buffet felt very fresh and the different things were cooked well. The fact that you easily can get three courses out of the buffet and all will be very tasty is another positive thing.

The food was very good. The meat especially! We were very happy finally finding a good buffet here in Rio de Janeio. The lunch totaled €13 for two persons including a can of coke each, not bad considering the extraordinary quality.