The first bustrip of … how many?

Wednesday it was time for us to to leave Rio for Ilha Grande, but first a one night stop in Angra dos Reis. We asked in the hostel where we could find the bus to the big bus station of Rio. The first thing they wonder: “why are you staying there – what are you guys doing there?”. But they kindly helped us and told us there was a direct bus so there was no need for the local bus.

After a quick lunch at Domino’s we found the bus stop and then the long wait for the direct bus started. We are getting used wait for everything in Brazil so far but somewhere during our wait another bus showed up and the sign said “Rodoviario” – “Bus station”. This was the local bus.

This bus took an hour but we were arriving there in time for the bus leaving at 02.00 pm if we would be in Sweden, but we’re not. The man in the ticket booth walked away, said something in Portuguese and disappeared for a while and came back with more paper and coffee. We stood in line for 30 minutes and it was more or less four people in front of us. Able to enter the bus departing at 03.00 pm we started our bus life.


The bus ride is supposed to take three hours. After one and a half we stopped for a food break somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Someone threw up and we took an extra trip to like four small villages to maybe pick up people (no one were there). After more like four hours we reached our destination. The first bus ride of who knows how many was done. We arrived to a rainy and quiet Angra dos Reis, very quiet compared to Rio.

The bus we took from the bus station in Rio was the one of Costa Verde, it is a Semi-cama which means that it has nice seats that recline a lot, not really a bed, but completely possible to sleep in. The bus cost us €11 each.

IMG_1939jonangraDowntown Angra dos Reis.

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