A rainy Ilha Grande

We got multiple recommendations to go to Ilha Grande which is a large paradise island with beaches, hike paths in the rainforest and boat trips in the sunshine.

All this is very nice, but. It does require one thing: Sunshine!


This was the view of Ilha Grande from the ferry, we had our hopes high and thought that this will most likely clear up, if not later the same day, at least tomorrow. Oh how wrong we were.

Our plan was to celebrate Linns birthday on the beach, maybe drinking a caipirinha and enjoying the warm weather. The weather did not lend itself to just hanging out on the beach, this is why we took upon us to explore a little. There are paths through the rain forest on the island to secluded small beaches, the supposedly most beautiful one a 2-3 hour hike away.


We set out to hike our way to this secluded beach, bringing money for a boat back “just in case”. After reaching the first beach on the trail after one and a half hour we took a break, ate some of the food we brought. And then it started, a rain that would last for 36 hours, if not longer!

Even though it rained we rolled out a beach towel and took a dip in the sea, no way that we walked this far for nothing. After concluding that it is not too nice to sunbathe in the rain we found a boat that took us back to Abraoo.


We did have a good evening with caipirinhas on the pier, watching the lights from all the restaurants on the beach. But if you go to Ilha Grande, make sure that the sun will be out!

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