Bus from Paraty to Sao Paulo

After two bus trips we felt like we were starting to get the hang of travel by bus in Brazil. Sit in the middle of the bus, away from both the stench of the bathroom and the arctic chills of the air conditioning. Buy the bus tickets in the bus station, not online. Simple as that.

We went to the bus station one day before our departure, only to find out that the only free seats were in the back of the bus, right beside the lavatory. Ah well, at least we wont die from the freezing cold of the air condition.

The bus was listed as a “Conv” which is supposed to be a regular coach, but nothing real fancy. Turns out that it was what is called “Semi-Cama” almost a bed! The price was very competitive too, €12 for a 6 hour bus trip! The company was called Reunidas.


The trip was on good roads, but I still had my fears seeing what was ahead of us on the GPS map. This was a climb from 0 to 750 meters above sea level in a matter of minutes. Circling mountains and climbing the sides of the, but as mentioned before, on good roads, which will calm everyone that is like me.

One thought on “Bus from Paraty to Sao Paulo

  • 16 November, 2015 at 09:44

    Bra vägar det låter betryggande. Det är ju också lite skönt att du är lite höjdrädd då kanske du inte ger dig ut på alltför farliga turer. Kramkram


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