Dollar run – Ciudad del Este


After exchanging our 265 dollars that we had from before we realized that they would not last until we would get to Uruguay and be able to get more. And we do not want to have to pay 40% extra for everything in Argentina.

When visiting Ciudad del Este two days earlier we found an ATM that gives the choice of withdrawing dollars. It has a 5 dollar fee, but on a US$200 withdrawal this is only 2.5%, a lot less than the official rate for the peso would cost us.


Said and done, we bought tickets for the bus from the company Rio Uruguay, at €2 one way it was a cheap trip, considering that we would save 30-40% on all the money we could carry when getting back.


The ATM is on the 11th floor of this building, known as the King Fong mall. It is on the right hand side right after the bridge, we asked the bus driver to stop and he stopped right outside.

As we got there a little bit late everything seemed to be closed, except the VIP entrance on the west side of the building. It leads right in to the elevators. We got in, put in floor 11 and emptied our trusty ATM of dollars. I think we got somewhere around US$700 with us.


A three hour trip later we had dollars to last us until Uruguay. We exchanged enough for the bus and some food in Puerto Iguazu, as we expect a better rate in Buenos Aires.

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