Christmas feeling

Suddenly it was everywhere in social media; first of advent. Inspired by that we decided to make saffron buns! We went to the supermercado in Foz do Iguacu. We first started to look for the most critical ingredient: saffron. We found something they called saffron but it really wasn’t, more like some kind of curry powder. We bought ingredients to make “chokladbollar” instead but ended up watching three episodes of Criminal Minds.

In the last minutes of our trip to Paraguay the day after, Jon spotted saffron in a pile of spices brought around by a walking salesman.


We spent quite some time finding fresh milk in the store, UHT is the standard here, and fresh milk only comes in plastic bags like the one to the far left in the picture.

But we found everything at last – Let’s make it.




The result was pretty good and the hostel staff liked it.

One thought on “Christmas feeling

  • 16 December, 2015 at 11:58

    Det var ju för väl att ni kunde få ihop lussebullar. Coolt att ni kunde baka dem på hostellet. Här har det bakats pepparkakor, testkavlat i pastamaskinen, besvärligt men de blev iaf tunna… och såklart judebröd och mandemusslor…


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