Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa is something as uniquely strange as a Religious theme park. It is located close to the water in Buenos Aires and is more or less completely made out of plastic. It was created in the late 90s and focuses around the biblical depictions of everything from the creation to the life of Jesus.


The park in large is very strange, you walk around in the streets of Bethlehem, and around you are parts of biblical history like the ark of Noah and the last supper. The park focuses not only on Christianity but features a synagogue and a lot of roman culture as well.


To make it more interesting there are scheduled shows in some of the buildings, created mostly with robotized sculptures and light and sound effects. These are all in Spanish, but still worth it to see, the stories are well known even if you dont know too much about christianity.


To top everything off there is a 12 meter high statue of Jesus that every hour or so rises out of a mountain, it is said to feature somewhere close to 20 different mechanical movements. Strange, mostly strange.

All in all, this park is well worth a visit, mostly for its strangeness.

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  • 18 December, 2015 at 21:01

    Roligt att just i kväll var Buenos Aires ett av resmålen i På Spåret! Och Tierra Santa var med på ett hörn…


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