From Buenos Aires to Uruguay by SeaCat

After spending some lazy days in Buenos Aires we met up with my younger brother Tim who is joining us for almost one month. We had hamburgers at a really nice place in Palermo called simply “Burger Joint”, great and affordable burgers. After this we set out to get to Uruguay and Colonia.

We had booked one night in Colonia mostly because thats where the boat landed and we wanted to plan a few days to explore Uruguay before going to the apartment in Montevideo we had booked on Airbnb.

It was rather easy to find the Buquebus terminal where most boats seemed to depart from, including the SeaCat one we wanted to go with because of its low price.

The price on the internet were something close to €14 when using the blue rate. After showing our passports and getting registered at the desk we were informed that since we are foreign we are not allowed to pay in pesos cash. We can pay either in pesos by card, getting a lousy rate, or we can pay in dollars, getting an even worse rate, resulting in paying more or less three times what we first anticipated. We paid in pesos, at the lousy rate, a grand total of about €25 each.


While it was not a huge amount of money, it still made us feel sad that this was not mentioned on the website and felt a bit cheated. A later search on google confirmed what we were told at the desk, it is in fact the Argentine government that has decided this. The rule the decided on is that tourist services rendered outside of Argentina, wholly or in part, must not be paid with pesos in cash by a foreigner. The lesson here is that there are strange laws in place to protect the free fall currency and that you always should do the math when offered to pay in multiple currencies.

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