Punta del Este

We decided to go to a beach town 2 hours from Montevideo for a few days since we had heard the beaches/water in Montevideo are not so nice. So after 6 hours of buses and waiting we reached Punta del Este and the beach.


A pretty beautiful evening.


The day after we went all in for a beach day. And the result? Jon got a little bit burned (again). Tim had sunblock and did fine. But over all it was a nice day.


Punta del Este is a charming beach town (read: tourist destination), a lot of the tourists are people from Buenos Aires that want a great beach. The season peaks in late December/January and the prices rise from €10 to €60/night at a good hostel (more about that later). So we just missed the peak and enjoyed the beaches. After four days we went on to the next adventure.

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