Mercado del Puerto

Montevideo and Uruguay is renowned for their free range beef. In the 1500s cattle was introduced from the neighboring countries and allowed to roam freely because the land was not too attractive to settle at that moment. The cattle prospered in the wild and were soon in the millions. Now meat is one of the most important industries of Uruguay, and it is all grass fed, without both antibiotics and growth hormone. The way it should be done.

In Montevideo in the port there is a place called Mercado del Puerto. It is a hall of different restaurants offering classic barbecue, called Parilla. Most of the restaurants offer more or less the same menu, at similar prices. We sat down at the third one we walked by, mainly because the waiter caught us with a glass of complementary sparkling wine.


When we came back to have dinner here at a later date, we found out that the only meal served at Mercado del Puerto is lunch, they close at 16:00. One restaurant that was halfway inside the building was open though, so we did not have to starve.


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