The last days in Buenos Aires were finished off with some food poisoning after which Linns friend Emilia flew home (not because of the food poisoning, she was scheduled to do so anyway). After this we wanted to find a place to experience more nature, and also go horseback riding.

After studying the map our choice landed on the small village of Chascomús, both because it was adjacent to a lake and because it was perfectly in the right direction towards our next planned stop at Mar del Plata for New years eve.

We arrived in the afternoon at the small bus and train station that serves the village, as it was only 2 kilometers from the station to the city centre we chose to walk. It was very hot and Linn was a bit unsure about how positive she felt about the walk. But we made it!


Arriving to the city centre we placed Linn at a cafe and I along with my brother Tim started the search for a hostel. As no hostels had any online booking facilities we decided before going that we were going to find something as long as we got there. We asked in every hostel or hotel we found for the prices. This included a tidy place in the city center with prices a bit too high for our taste.

Our second finding was a hotel that when we entered met a lady who were so old she could barely walk by herself, upon trying to get a price list out of her she got up from her chair and started to slither using a walker. When she finally made it to the next room she got a cellphone and called someone. When someone answered she gave the phone to me, a Spanish voice answered my “Hablo Ingles?” with hanging up the call. After trying to leave without offending the old lady a younger guy comes along, he quickly finds us a price list which turns out to be in the expensive range as well.

After this encounter we agreed that we would find a place where the personnel is able to walk by themselves. The third place was also the one we chose in the end, Hostel Chascomús. Ironically enough the manger of the hostel was limp because he hurt his foot a few weeks before we arrived. So much for agreeing on walking personnel.

The manager, Martin, was very friendly and helpful, even though he was a bit limp for the time being. The hostel was also good to us, except two things. The first being the ever present problem of agreeing on a temperature on the AC, people from hot countries always seem to think “The colder the better” and we, being Swedish prefer at least 23 degrees. Our other incident was a bit more interesting.

We spent some time in the hostel lobby, watching TV, having a glass of water. My brother Tim got more and more comfortable in the sofa and was suddenly more or less lying down with his shoes and socks taken off and put in a small pile on the floor.

All of a sudden a big angry man jumps out from nowhere, shouting in Spanish. We didnt understand much of what he said, Martin tried to tell him that we do not speak spanish. He seemed most upset that Tim was lying down, that we had glasses of water on the table, and the main problem was that we were too comfortable. He finally took our glasses and walked away with them to the kitchen. It later turned out that he was the owner of the hostel. We are not sure why he got so angry, but it might be because he wanted the lobby to look presentable for potential guests.

The other things we did in Chascomús was search for a place to go horseback riding, and we did go kayaking on the lake. We didnt bring a camera on the kayak trip because it was very wet, but Linn took some great snaps of me and Tim watching the sunset.



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