New monetary politics in Argentina – No dolar blue?

As you read on previous posts the monetary politics in Argentina have been a bit strange, causing the blue rate to exist. Previous post explaining. This caused us to empty an ATM in Uruguay of US$2000 before re-entering Argentina. Hours after we had gotten the cash from the ATM I read online that the new president in Argentina Mauricio Macri had lifted most of the restraints on the currency. The blue rate was as good as gone, and the Argentine Peso was now floating like a regular currency.

A bit confused with the new situation we still had our dollars, and wondered what we were going to do with them. La Nacion, a newspaper that usually listed both the official and the blue rate, started to show dashes for the blue rate. Some other websites showed the blue rate at 13.70 and the official at 12.90.

This caused a lot of confusion, but the signs that there still should be a blue rate somewhere led us to visit the shop that promised the best rate the last time we were on the hunt. A small mens clothes store. And sure enough, we were able to get a rate of 13.60 peso per dollar. One problem we hadnt anticipated was how to fit the 272 notes this resulted in into Linns bag. I had to take her phone and wallet in my pockets and her bag was bulging with cash as we very carefully took the subway back to the apartment.

The conclusion to draw from this is that the blue dollar is still there, but not in the same way as before, and the gains from the hassle of carrying around lots of cash might not be worth it anymore.

Look how happy we are that we can use ATMs instead of carrying around almost a months expenses in cash!


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