Detour to Santa Rosa

After celebrating new years eve in Mar del Plata we went to the bus station and sent my brother Tim on his way to Buenos Aires. When we went to buy our own bus tickets to Córdoba we were informed that they had sold out all for the day, but we could get the bus tomorrow. Not feeling like waiting another night in Mar del Plata we looked at the map and saw that Santa Rosa is close, and there was tickets to got there as well!

Our bus didnt leave until late in the evening, and got to Santa Rosa in the early morning. At first when we got there we bought tickets for the evening bus to Córdoba. Our second mission was to find storage for our bags in the small bus station that seemed to be the heart of this little city. After asking the lady who directed the traffic we were told that the toilet attendants were the ones offering this service here. The lady by the toilets followed us into a lockable room that already had another bag that wasnt ours, let us put our bags there and locked. She then went on to explain that she would get off her shift at 18:00, and then we would have to talk to the next person there who would be responsible for guarding the bags until our bus left. We understood the part that we had to be there for some reason at 18:00.


As Santa Rosa is a small city there is not too many activities to do, and we also had the timing of being there on a Sunday. Sunday in South America means that everything is closed. We walked to the lake that is one of the attractions, went to the top floor of a play house and relaxed for a while, more or less sleeping as the bus ride didnt offer too much of that.


After finding a place serving some croissants, bread and coke we decided to make this our breakfast. We then went on to see what was available to do, it turns out that Santa Rosa is a good base if you want to go out in the countryside of La Pampa, but otherwise the city is not that eventful. We found a great restaurant by the bus station called La Posta, for lunch I had their stone oven baked pizza, and for dinner both I and Linn had the Bife de Chorizo, which was rather great.

DSC_1320_web DSC_1322_web

The most time after realizing that there was not much to do was spent searching for a new charging cable for Linns phone, and watching Criminal Minds on the computer in the cafe at the bus stop.


Then finally the time for the bus came, and all of a sudden the city that could have been named Sleepy Hollow was filled with life. It seems that a lot of bus changes take place here, and for this brief moment the city is probably upping its population with a good amount!

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