Restaurant: Al Malek, Córdoba

Our first encounter with Arabian food on the trip was a great one, a small place called Istanbul in Paraty. After the experience there it was no wonder we chose to go to Al Malek in Cordoba.

Al Malek serves Lebanese food, so we started with some Hummus, Tabbouleh and pita bread. And while we were at it we ordered one Shawarma each.



After finishing part of the Tabbouleh and Hummus, along with four or so pita breads we were starting to get full. We felt a bit sad about not being able to eat infinite amounts, because everything tasted perfectly!

In comes the two portions of Shawarma, and they are generous.


After finishing a third of each dish we asked for a doggy bag, and tried to explain to the confused waiter that we loved the food, but were unable to eat it all.

The day after we served ourselves the doggy bag for lunch, it still tasted excellent.

Yet another day later the cravings returned, and we were to be seen at Al Malek yet again. This time however, we were a lot more reasonable in the amounts of food ordered, and we actually finished everything this time.

The next trip should probably be to somewhere in the middle east, just writing about this makes me wonder when I get to taste a good Hummus next time?

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