Proper rest, The Diplomatic Hotel

After spending one night in the hostel after our adventure by horse Jon was spiking a fever and I was feeling a bit under the weather. Both probably caused by our excess of horseback riding combined with too much sun, wine and meat.

The first idea was to leave Mendoza by bus to Santiago de Chile directly, but unsure about our condition we decided to stay one more night. The night before we had changed dorm to a smaller one but with more beds in it and without some kind air condition. Not feeling that well I decided to use another of my hotel nights. After a quick look I found The Diplomatic Hotel.

We were a little anxious not to be let in with our backpacks in the fancy hotel but we got our room and it was the size of half the apartment back home. Even if I think I’ve learned to stay in hostels and get used to sleep in dorms (and the weird people staying there), the lack of cleanliness, the smell of mold, broken beds and people who steal your food in the common fridge it was awesome to stay in a hotel with a king size bed, without other people and a telephone to room service.

After some rest we went out to get a quick bite and then back to the hotel. Watched too many episodes of Criminal minds and then Jons fever spiked again. This made us decide to order food from room service even though there was a french restaurant that was supposed to be superb just around the corner. And we didn’t get disappointed – the food was great.


The next day we woke up as good new and we had a great breakfast before we went to the bus station to take the bus to Santiago (please do this bus ride in daylight because it was pretty awesome). 


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