Crossing the border from Argentina to Chile

We left Argentina by bus from Mendoza with destination at Santiago. This border control turned out the be the most rigid we have had so far in our trip. It began with the bus stopping in the middle of the Andes mountains in the queue to the small building that is the border control and customs. We were handed papers by the personnel on the bus on which we should declare if we were bringing any items that we must declare.

Items mentioned were excessive electronics not for personal use, each person could bring one laptop and two cellphones for example. Another thing they were vary about was items from plant or animal origin. This caused me to check the box as I had a sandwich with both ham and cheese on it, and I didnt want it considered contraband.


It is a very beautiful place to wait for the border check in, but a bit cold and windy!

After waiting for about 45 minutes we were ordered by the bus driver to go to the admissions desk inside the building. So we did and rather quickly got first the exit stamp from an Argentinean official and then a Chilean entry stamp from a Chilean one. Our EU passports are really worthwhile since we get free entries in all countries in our trip, and for example US citizens have to pay huge fees for every crossing.


The rigid part of the border crossing began after our bus entered the building, everyone had to take their carry-on luggage and stand by a table and open it. Then a dog trained to find fruit searched all the bags and marked on the ones smelling like apples, bananas and other items illegal to bring.

As I had the remains of a banana being squished after our trip to Los Gigantes the dog marked my bag. A guard walked up to me to look, assured me that the dog was only trained for fruit and not drugs, so if I had any drugs I did not need to worry. After telling the tale of the squished banana he left me and continued the search. A little while later all bags were x-rayed and we could continue our bus trip, sandwich and all.

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  • 31 January, 2016 at 20:32

    Påminner mig om alla kvarglömda bananer som mosats i era skolväskor när ni var små


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