We left Chatto and his family after one day with lots of good advice of the nearby cities, what to do and which hotels to stay at. We took a local bus to Valparaiso, very cheap and we got the chance to see lots of places on the way (the bus took three hours instead of one and a half). We had been recommended a hotel but we didn’t find it, an old man pointed us to a bed and breakfast nearby and they had room. A bit expensive but very nice.


After a good nights sleep we decided to visit the old part of town. Jon was very fascinated by the acscensores which is all over town. So we just went out to take a look.


Valpariso have a beautiful view since the lots of hills.


It was market day when we were there and everything looked delicious. We only bought 0,5 kg strawberries (for like €1,2) and Jon found a game machine that reminded him of his childhood holiday at the Canary islands and wanted to play a few times.


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