Restaurant: Jack Fish

In La Serena we found a few good restaurants, and one great! The great one was called Jack Fish, or more precisely Cevicheria Jack Fish, Sushi and Rock.

The place is run by a rock enthusiast who also possess a great interest in Japanese cooking. The restaurant is small and seats just eight persons, or the double if the persons already know each other well. There is always rock music playing and the place is styled in red, white and black. All in all a very complete and well defined style that made us really like the place.


And the food, the food is super great! We actually visited Jack Fish two times during our stay in La Serena, but only brought the camera the second time. For this reason we only have pictures of the sushi, but the Ceviche was both beautiful to look at and tasted good when eaten.


The classic south american sushi with cream cheese, I think we are starting to like it!


If you go to La Serena and feel like you want to eat something great, go to Jack Fish, the food is great and the place is definitely unique!

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