San Pedro de Atacama

After Antofagasta our travel plan had a line to Calama, and then a dotted line as we were unsure about how to proceed. We knew that we wanted to see the salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia, but we were unsure about the best way to do that.

The consensus of all travelers we met along the way was that the best way is to go to San Pedro de Atacama, and from there take the three day tour that ends in Uyuni. Since Uyuni is located at around 3700 meters above sea level and the tour there reaches 5000 meters we would need time to acclimatize in order to not suffer too much from altitude sickness. San Pedro at 2400 meters seemed like the perfect place to do this.


Located out in nowhere, San Pedro only exists because there are beautiful nature around it, and the town is built around tourism and the only thing available to do there is to eat a surprisingly good pizza and go on different tours.

We chose to go on three tours including the one to the salt flats with the company Sol Andino Expediciones. The other tours were the Laguna Cejar, a lagoon that is as salt as the dead sea and Valle de la Luna, a landscape that looks like belongs on the moon. They had the three tours listed at a total of €180, and we asked for a package price and only paid €156.


We stayed in a nice but central hostel called Mama Tierra, at €29 a night for a double room including hot showers, wifi and a bottle of water each day it was well worth the money. We booked in advance on hostelworld, this turned out to be a good thing as there was numerous people coming by looking for a bed for the night, but it was always fully booked. The tours on the other hand were easy to book the same day or just one day in advance.

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