Valle de la Luna

Our first tour with Sol Andino Expediciones was to Valle de la Luna. As all the tour agencies  sell all tours, not all are run by them, rather the cooperate and you can book with one agency and get the tour arranged by another. We chose Sol Andino since they reportedly run their own Salar de Uyuni tours, and this is apparently the most important tour to have a good guide on.

The tour to Valle de la Luna however, was carried out by another tour agency which I cannot remember the name of. Nothing wrong with this, it is a 4 hour tour and you are not left to the elements if the guide and driver are drunk or rude, you can simply walk back to San Pedro, or call a taxi.

The tour started at 16:00 and we got in a small bus that took us to the first stop, where we paid the entrance at €3 and had the last opportunity to visit a bathroom for a while.


Our second stop was to get some background about the landscape, it was given first in Spanish and later in English. Somehow the English part felt a lot shorter than the Spanish… But not to worry, we got enough information about what we saw. The landscape was like nothing else, made up of sand, stone and salt that had been carved by wind and water over millions of years.


Views like this gives a good hint of where the name comes from. It really looks like it could be a landscape found on the moon, or in a star wars move for that matter. Walking around in this landscape was interesting, it was nature as we had never seen it before.


At the end of the tour we left the valley and drove up to a mountain beside it, there we watched the landscape transform as the sun set. After the sun has set we were driven back to San Pedro and left in the middle of the town, happy that the nature on the tour was interesting and strange enough to trump the fact that San Pedro is such a touristy place.

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