San Pedro de Atacama to Salar de Uyuni – Day 3

The last day of the tour, and the day of the salt flats! Everybody felt better than the days before and we were happy to see the final and most anticipated event, the salt flats!. The night before our guide had told us that we could start the tour one hour later because of the rain. But 06:00 am our guide hadn’t showed. All the other drivers were ready but where was Richard? Around 08 am we spotted him in the kitchen barely able to sit up, he was still a bit drunk from the day before…


After some coffee and a cake he was ready to begin our last day. It felt a little bit odd that the only drunk person out of the seven in the car was the one to drive. Fran in the front seat tried to have a conversation to help him to stay awake. But just after a few minutes the cars in front of us forced him to stop. The other drivers talked to him. Diego in our car said he could drive if Richard only showed him the way but if the police in the area caught us – it would not be good. So we continued slowly to the first stop.


The salt flats had the mirror-effect the day we visited and it was so freaking cool.




Jons only concern was that the mirror effect in the flats didn’t gave any private room to take a leak. But somehow he managed and was this happy.


The problems for Richard didnt end with a hangover, Jon discovered a flat tire just before departure to the next stop. An extra tire was found and after a little time we were on our way again. To see the dry part of the salt flats. This phenomenon with both mirror effect and dry parts are very rare we were told. Still amazed by the view Fran and Diego in our car asked Richard to ride on the roof. And yes, we could sit on the roof if we took responsibility. Glad we did. Maybe the best ride this trip.

Before we needed to say goodbye to our new friends in Uyuni (they were going back to San Pedro with another car) we saw a train graveyard. Lots of hugs and “see you” we went to our pre-booked hostel and slept a few hours before we had dinner. Completely exhausted, but such a great experience from the trip, and with lovely people everyone of them!

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