Expreso del Sur from Uyuni to Oruro

Our plan to avoid Bolivian roads of lacking quality began with taking the train from Uyuni to Oruro and then continue to La Paz by bus on the nice 4-lane highway that runs from Oruro to La Paz.

The execution of the plan began by buying tickets, the ticket office opened at 09:00 the day of our trip, why we arrived there at 09:14. The first challenge of the day was finding the man that handed out queue numbers, he most of the time hides in a back office, but sometimes comes forth and shows his face. Apparently we were not the first to think about going by train as the station was full of people and we got number 29 and the current number was three. We stood around for maybe 15 minutes and number three was still haggling prices or something similar. Yet again I found the man with the numbers and asked what he thought about my number, he said that maybe one and a half hour would be to expect. He also told me that yes, there will probably be tickets left when it is your turn.


With this wisdom at our hands we went back to the hostel to pack up our things and check out. When we got back to the station some 40 minutes later the number 18 was shining bright on the screen that announced the numbers. Sometime one hour before noon it was finally our turn, and €30 later we had two tickets in our hands.



We bought the expensive version of the tickets which meant that we were sitting in ejecutivo class with nice reclining seats, some snacks and a pillow and blanket. Linn made the notion that the blanket was as heavy and thick as a horse blanket, I am inclined to concur, but it kept us very warm!


After 7 hours we arrived in Oruro station, the sun had been up a few hours and we got to see some nice views before rolling in to the station. Now we just had to get some breakfast and walk to the bus terminal to get the bus to La Paz where there is a hotel waiting since Linn chose to use some of her “Hotel Credit” she got for christmas and book us three nights in advance.

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