Cochabamba is the fourth largest city in Bolivia with 600 thousand inhabitants, and is very different from La Paz. In some places it looks more like Los Angeles with wide roads and yellow fences separating them. The city center is rather rich while the suburbs are of varying standard, some very poor.

One of the main attractions is the large market called La Cancha, and this looks very much like Bolivia and not at all like Los Angeles.


Shoes was one of the popular items sold in the market, and this is one of the districts that were focused on shoes. There are other districts like cellphones, where guys approached us wondering what phone we had, and if we were sure we did not want to sell it?


After walking around for a few hours we stopped to have a small coke. at €0.15 for 190ml the price is not bad at all, but you cant leave the stand with the bottle as they need to bring it back to the factory.


When we left the market we saw a truck loading parts of animals. We were unsure if the parts were leftovers or meant for human consumption but concluded that the most healthy thing for us to do if we want to continue to eat meat was to not delve too deeply into the matter.


On a less disturbing note we saw lots of the typical Bolivian buses that are some kind of bus built upon a large and old truck that looks to be from the US. These were in La Paz as well, but around La Cancha at rush hour there were lots of them!

We spent three nights in Cochabamba, and during this time we visited the market and some different restaurants. Since this was the first step towards more normal altitudes it was much warmer, and we could now walk longer distances without needing to stop to catch our breath!

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