Bolivia says no to the changed constitution

While in Santa Cruz we were a bit worried about the vote that was going to be held on the Sunday. Bolivia has had its president Evo Morales in office for a long time and in 2019 he will not be able to run for office again. Because of this there was a referendum held to change the constitution of Bolivia to allow him to take office again. During our time in Bolivia we both experienced a blockade because of people being unhappy with the government and a lot of advertising for what you should vote in the referendum. We were worried that the “wrong” result might lead to new blockades.

In the evening of the Sunday of the vote we walked back to the hotel after a nice dinner and found the big square of the city like in the video above! Apparently the No side won with 51% of the votes, and Evo Morales will not be president after 2019.

We wanted to buy tickets for the train on Monday in the Sunday evening, but when talking to the personnel in the hotel they told us that it is definitely impossible that the ticket office is open on the day of the vote, and we should be happy if the train leaves at all the day after. Time will tell!

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