Diving in Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro

After we got back to Rio we realized we were missing one night of accommodation between the 6th and 7th of March. And I had been wanting to go to Arraial do Cabo to do some SCUBA diving there. Some research showed that there are a lot of dive centers there, and also rather nice beaches. And the bus is just €10-15 each way, depending if you want air-con or not.

We decided to stay two nights there, as we could then both get there and have a good nights sleep, I could dive in the morning (all dive tours seem to start at or around 09:00, but you need to show up at 08:00 to show your certificate), and we could then relax and have a swim in the ocean before heading back to Rio. We booked a hostel and a dive tour with the operator called Seaquest Sub. Linn did not feel like diving but wanted to join in on the boat tour. The diving cost €55 including everything (I just needed to bring myself), and riding on the boat was €14.

When we arrived we realized that the hostel was not at all located in Arraial do Cabo, but rather in Arraial do something else. A bit stumped we started to walk around to find a place to stay, at first we found a pousada charging €40 per night for two people in a room. Later we found a hostel charging €16 per person in a dorm. They also offered use to use their WiFi to find something cheaper, and also to stay in a tent in the yard, at just €9 per person. We found another hostel online that cost €12 per person. On our way there we stumbled on our final choice, Paradise Hostel, €9 per person in a dorm (which we shared with noone) including towels, linen, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste!


After a good nights sleep we woke up early and had a light breakfast. At 08:00 we arrived at the dive center just by the bus stop we were dropped at earlier. The only thing that we did there was pay and I showed my open water certificate. After this we were sent down to the port which is a 10 minute walk from the dive center. Here we had to pay the boarding tax that finances the port, it was €1 per person.


Our boat was for some reason put last in the line of boats taking tourists out, why we were not allowed to board until 09:40. Well on the boat there was a big Norwegian group getting their open water certifications and four Brazilians who were doing the same dive tour as I did. One of them, a lady named Beh Valerio took a lot of pictures and was nice enough to let us use them on the blog, so all underwater photography is credited to her.


After a short while we arrived at the first dive site, the information wasnt too good, but the service was. The only thing I needed to do myself was to put on the gear, everything got assembled by our guide and the others working on the boat.


We stayed close to shore and at about 5-10 meters depth. We saw hundreds of amazing colorful fish that I do not know the name of, one big turtle and two huge stingrays! The visibility was about 15 meters, and I enjoyed it a lot more than diving in Sweden.


The next stop offered more or less the same sights as the first dive, but felt a bit more relaxed as I was getting used to how both the gear and the guiding worked. No stingrays this time, but another turtle, and this one was nice enough to let us get real close!


All in all a great experience which I am happy to have done. We took the air-conditioned bus back to Rio, and after the return there we had just a few days left of our trip. These will be spent on Ipanema beach!

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