Pantanal – Day 3

The day started with two hours of bumpy roads in the car before we got to the boat on the river where we were to fish. It was windy and the guide had some trouble to find a good place. After a while he decided we should be by the pier and he showed us how to do it.


It was lots of piranhas in the water and they had noticed us (or the fish we used for bait). The first half hour we just fed them. The piranhas took our bait and took off. Maybe our guide wanted to show us how to do it so he started fishing as well. After literally three minutes he got one. And he showed us the teeth, and yes they are strong.

After a while we were able to fish from the boat. And yey! – I got my first piranha. A bit afraid of the teeth I just gave it to the guide.


Jon caught one as well and at the same time I got my second.


Happy with the boat and fishing tour we returned to the accommodation for the last lunch before we went to Campo Grande. And yes – the piranhas were served for lunch.

3 thoughts on “Pantanal – Day 3

  • 9 March, 2016 at 12:48

    Happy fishing! Big catch, you are now famous adventurers…

  • 13 August, 2016 at 18:13

    Hey Guys really enkoyed the posts, I am currently in Sucre and going to be taking the death train into curumba. How much did you trip in pantanal cost or what was the name of the compnay as I think after reqading this I would love to do it too! also how many days as I am a little tight on time!

    Cheers and hope all is well<!

    • 14 August, 2016 at 17:54

      Hi, glad you like the blog! The pantanal tour cost us around 600 Reals if I remember correctly, we apparently paid a bit more than others on the same tour, but we had a great experience anyway. It is worth to note that our price included transfer to Campo Grande after the tour. The company I can not remember the name of, but they had a hostel close to the bus station in Corumba, the hostel was called “Pantanal Hostel”

      Remember long sleeves in the pantanal, the mosquitos eat you alive! I had three bites on top of oneanother…

      All is well here, miss traveling when I am writing this! Hope you are having a great trip! =)


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