Cholitas Wrestling

One of the weekend things to do in La Paz is to watch wrestling. And more specifically Cholitas Wrestling. On Sundays, close to La Paz in El Alto in a big basement you can enjoy the show. The easiest way to do it is to buy a tourist-ticket (you can go by yourself but it’s not that big of a difference in price and you get some snacks, VIP-seats and a pick up at your hostel/hotel).


The bus ride from central La Paz to El Alto took almost one hour since it was carnival-time but we’re happy.


The show started and it was a little bit crazy. We asked our self a few times: “what is this?”. But it was funny to watch and the Bolivian families seemed to enjoy it.


In the end of the show it was some dancing from the wrestlers carnival style (and yes – including water pistols and foam).


The bus went back to La Paz after the show but Jon read something about Mi Telerífico, a cable car between La Paz and El Alto. After a quick look at the map we asked the guide if we could take the cable car down to La Paz instead of the bus. This was no problem and the bus dropped us off close to the station. The view was amazing but Jon couldn’t fully enjoy it because he is afraid of heights.

A carnival weekend in La paz

A little later than planned we arrived to La Paz! The first “real” city in Bolivia. This was the first we saw of the city.


It’s carnival time everywhere in South America and La Paz is no exception. First we were a little surprised of all the noise because we had just planned to go to the local witches market. But all the main streets were closed for the carnival.


It was a little less dancing and more of a water/foam-war. Everybody seemed involved in this – not only kids, this was a whole family-thing. We thought that we were safe because we were unarmed and looked very tourist-y. Wrong.


They screamed “Welcome to Bolivia” and threw a water balloon in Jons chest. We figured it was best to prepare ourselves the same way the locals did.


Jon was like a little kid and he told me that he had a lot of training with all of his siblings and I believe him. Pretty good at it as well.