Machu Picchu

Rise and shine!

04.00 am the alarm set off and it was time to go to Machu Picchu!

You have several options of how to get into the park. If you book well in advanced you can do a three day walking tour that ends at the Sun gate, you can do a two hour walk from the parks beginning up to the entrance or you can take a bus direct to the entrance.

Before this trip we talked about to do the three day walking tour but when we checked it out it was booked until July. So we did the last two hour walk. In retrospective it was a wise idea. You don’t need any particular balance just to be in rather good shape. We were not.

Around 06.30 am we were able to enter the park. This is with no doubt the most tourist destination in South America and even if this is the low season it was crowded. And amazing.


We decided to do this trip without guide (if you want you can buy a guide before you enter the park). With some help of the map and Wikipedia we did fine just wandering around.


Maybe we are a little fed up with all the amazing nature we’ve seen lately and did not appreciate this to the fullest (most me) but it was still pretty cool. And maybe I should’ve done some reading about this before to maximize the visit.


Even if we were a little tired of all the walking we decided to visit the Sun gate. From there you can see the whole city of the Incas. It took almost an hour but the view didn’t disappoint us at all. We sat there and ate cookies before we went down again.


Very tired I decided to take the bus back to the city. Jon took a walk down (the same 2 hours walk), I don’t know but for me it was a blessing to pay €10 for the bus back since my foot got in the way of a misplaced stone.